At the Guest House Studio we strongly believe that the spaces we inhabit are not just buildings we have placed our “stuff” in, but rather they are a personal testimony to who we are and how we want to live.  The home is where we celebrate life’s most precious moments and seek shelter for its worst. That’s why, at the Guest House Studio, we strive to not only create thoughtful and functional spaces but also ones that are uniquely crafted for those who inhabit it.

With several connections to contractors and builder’s in the area, The Guest House Studio operates as a design build firm for many of their clients.  Our goal is to make the renovation or new build experience as stress free as possible!  Which is why we act as a liaison between our clients wishes and their contractors. 

Since opening its doors in 2014, the studio has won several awards for its designs and has been featured in several printed and online publications including Houzz’s “Best Foyer of 2016.”  As a design firm, we believe in combining patterns and textures, embracing the new while honoring the old, and conceptualizing a space from its foundation to furniture, as it is all an integral part of the process.  Because of this, our designs have become recognizable for their fresh, modern and yet collected aesthetics. 

Our design expertise will help to ensure that when the process is finished, you will have a space that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and so very you.  

Our Principal designer and founder, Christyn Dunning has almost ten years of experience in the Interior Design industry.  Read her personal bio below.

Our Leader:

Christyn Dunning

Born and raised in small town Pennsylvania, Christyn's passion for design stems from working alongside her father, who taught her the importance of well built interiors.  She continued to pursue her love for design at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, where she acquired her Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Architecture.  It was here that she learned how to integrate all aspects of design to create spaces that are functional but still aesthetically pleasing.  Her love for travel has taken her many places, and she has collected items along the way that makes that one place truly unique.  She believes that each persons home should do the same and reflect what makes those who inhabit it, one of a kind.  She typically finds her inspiration when she is among nature, on her travels, or with the people she meets along the way.  While her design aesthetic covers a wide range of styles, it is best described as the perfect combination of rustic and urban elements thus creating eclectic but refined spaces.  Her vast experience with Architecture, Construction, and Interiors makes her a one stop shop for anyone looking to build new or redo.  Christyn loves to spend her days by the sea listening to a good band or getting lost in a great book.  She currently resides in Charleston, SC with her favorite pooch Mr. Tiki.