Transformation Tuesday: Clawfoot Tubs

I have this pretty great client in Florida that bought a house built in 1908.  We've been working diligently to transform the old beauty step by step.  First was the kitchen but now we're onto the bathrooms!  The upstairs bath is one of my favorite to transform, specifically because it has an old clawfoot tub.  They are perhaps my favorite feature of historic homes and I hope to only have one myself some day!  I see no reason to get rid of it, as it works perfectly fine and thankfully, my clients agree!  So I've been looking at lots of great spaces to find some inspiration for mixing the old with the new and ways to update a clawfoot tub.  Here are some of my favorite!

Transformation Tuesday: Brooklyn Town Home

As you may or may not know, I am a sucker for a good renovation story.  Renovations are kind of our speciality as it morphs our background in Interior Architecture and interior design perfectly.  I also love not only seeing a home saved but completely transformed into something new or even back to it's original form.  That's why, I've decided to start "Transformation Tuesday!"  Every Tuesday we will share our favorite renovation stories here on the blog.

First up, is a Brooklyn town home that was stuck in the 70's until designer, Allison Jennison saw something no one else did.  Little did she know and lucky for her, underneath all that wallpaper and drywall was a pretty great historic building.  Read more about it on