It's that time of the year again!  Kids are taking all they can get in these last days of summer while their parents prep (and rejoice) for their return.  This weekend is tax free weekend in South Carolina, and I don't know about anybody else but I have quite the list going.  Among the many things you can fine on sale and tax free are clothes, bedding, computers, and some decor.  Recently my summer intern Katie told me that apparently in the south, girls go hard core on their dorm room decor!  When I went to college we brought the necessities but then took the bedding off our beds at home or whatever mom would buy us, to decorate our dorm rooms.  I was more worried about having enough money to buy beer (ahem* I mean, school supplies) than I was about my dorm room.  That being said, I think the idea is awesome!  What better way to show your independence and pretend you have life all figured out then to completely dress up your new room at school to reflect your style and personality.  So this week, we put together three "style boards" for the girls who are heading back to school.



For the free spirited, gypsy girl who loves romantic patterns, old world art, and mid-century modern decor. 

SOURCES: (1) Art (2) Decorative Pillow (3) Chair (4) Rug (5) Side Table (6) Lamp (7) Decorative Plant (8) Headboard (9) Decorative Pillow (10) Bedding 



A little posh, a little spice, the Glam Gal is all the spice girls in one.  Animal prints, gold finishes, bold art, and all the frills.

SOURCES: (1) Headboard (2) Decorative Pillow (3) Bedding (4) Side Table (5) Decorative Plant (6) Unicorn (7) Dresser (8) Stool (9) Art (10) Lamp (11) Chair (12) Rug 



This girl loves traditional patterns, melts over pink, soft textures, and pastel colors.  She is traditional but fun all wrapped up in one.  

SOURCES: (1) Headboard (2) Decorative Pillow (3) Bedding (4) Donut Bookends (5) Lamp (6) Side Table (7) Art (8) Rug (9) Chair (10) Decorative Pillow 

Top 10 trends of 2015

The last remaining days and hours of every year bloggers, critics, and editors survey the crowd to come up with their predictions for what the next year's "top (fill in the blank)" will be.  Some of these predictions are pretty accurate, others make you wonder just who were they surveying?  None the less, 2015 has turned out to be a year of many changes and firsts for me.  I quit my job, moved to Charleston, started my own business, and finally fulfilled my long time dream of living at the beach.  While I may be 5 miles from the beach versus 5 steps, it's a work in process and when I ring in 2016 I can effectively say it's been a good year but it's about to be a great one.

In the design world, 2015 has been a year of tech inventions, open floor plans, and getting rid of the stuffy cluttered things that fill up our lives.  We've seen some great new  buildings and homes be built (including a hotel under water in Dubai).  Industrial is still hot but many people are resorting back to the styles they've known for years.  Looking back at the year, we've come up with a list of the top ten trends we've seen in the design world and Charleston specifically in 2015.

1.) Colorful Cabinets


This has been the year for the daring and bold to take the plunge and paint their kitchen cabinets a radiant color.  From grey to blue and occasionally red, it's a way to add life and personality to your kitchen.  Hopefully we don't get tired of it!

2.) Washed Wood

Distressed furniture made a huge come back in 2014 but in 2015 we saw people not only buying more washed wood furniture pieces but also stripping the wood in their floors.  The result is a beautiful, raw, natural look that makes you feel right at home.

3.) Tone on Tone Linens

Bed linens took on their own meaning to "minimal living" with companies showing tone on tone beds such as this one.  My favorite sources for soft linens such as these ones are West Elm and Ikea.

4.) Ship-lap Walls 

Not sure about the rest of the United States but in coastal Carolina ship-lap walls are in just about everyone's house.  Not that this is a bad thing, as it's an architecturally great way to amp up your space.  My only warning is be careful on going overboard.  This may someday look like wood paneling did after the 90's.  If interested in adding trim details to your house contact us at The Guest House Studio and we'll be happy to come up with a trim plan for you.

5.) Muted Hues

Soft, subtle, and very muted were the color trends we saw come to life in a lot of spaces this year.  Gray and white in particular was very hot.  Tone on tone spaces where the walls, furniture, and art are one shade but different hues.  This space is one of our favorites.

6.) Mason Jar Goods

Mason Jar weddings, mason jar lights, mason jar candles, you name it!  Mason Jars have made a huge comeback from their typical use of canning jam and hiding moonshine.  This year we have seen more and more people use them for as decor for their weddings or a way to bottle their homemade sea sea salt.  I'm not complaining though, as I am a fan or reusing products as much as we can!  The candle above is made by Blackjack wax and the lighting is made by Born Again Woodworks.

7.) Sectionals

Sectionals have always been around but in the past year more people have spent their money on a sectional than a normal sofa.  Why?  True it does provide a lot of seating but so does a sofa and two chairs.  I think the reason we've seen more consumers opting for a sectional rather than a sofa is because of the extra comfort level it provides.  The act of truly snuffling into your furniture for a movie or a good book.  To order a sectional fit for your home and lifestyle contact us today and we'll make sure you get the one that's just right for your home.

8.) Farm Tables

Longer, rougher, and natural - farm tables are all the rave right now.  2015 saw the rid of formal dining rooms and the natural open floor plan in most homes.  Therefore most home owners soft after a natural distressed farm table.  It's extremely durable and gives the space a feeling of a casual lived in space versus a "please don't put your fork on the table."  This one is from one of my favorite Companies Lamon Luther.  They seek to give the homeless a skill and job that they can learn and profit from.  Contact us for a quote or to place an order for your own.

9.) Wallpaper

It's back!!!  Wallpaper saw a rise in the 80's and 90's when housewives every where were lining their walls with it.  Then it died with the millennium as sustainability, concrete, and good old paint took it's turn.  Now, in 2015 we have seen more homeowner's and businesses seek just the perfect pattern, texture, or print for their space.  These are just a few of my favorites.  Inquire under the "contact us" tab for pricing and availability. 

10.) Dipped Gold

gold 2.jpg

Naturally I've saved the best and my favorite one for last.  I am OBSESSED with Dipped Gold anything!  From Jewelry to lighting and furniture this is one trend that I could literally die over.  I've collected my fair share of dipped gold jewelry this year and am working on the furniture part.  It's usually not a shiny gold but just enough of a shine that makes anything look elegant.  The necklace is from Kealoha Jewelry on Etsy and the table is from Made Goods - order able through The Guest House Studio.