The meaning behind the name

It all started almost two years ago, when I (Christyn Dunning) and one of my dearest friends took a trip to celebrate her 30th Birthday.  We had been bouncing around the idea of starting our own Interior Design and Event studio.  She, a navy wife and very talented designer was waiting in limbo for the Navy to tell her where she would be living in a year.  I myself was feeling unfulfilled and discouraged at the design firm I was currently working at and sought a life that didn't revolve around making other people a lot of money on my sweat and tears.  I realized as we drove from Miami to Key West, that I missed the days of backpacking across Europe, meeting new people and discovering new things.  I also missed working more closely with my clients and using my architecture skills to improve their already existing homes or help them build a new one.  Over the next few days I found myself with my toes in the sand and mind trying to answer the question we all seem to ask ourselves, "what do I really want to do with my life?"

I found the answer when I stopped asking myself that question and was instead asked by my friend on the way back from Key West.  Tired of my constant complaining, she asked "if I could do anything, what would it be?"  Here's my answer:

"I love meeting new people and I love design.  I also find great happiness in discovering and helping artists sell their work and put food on their table.  I want a job, that incorporates all of this, I basically want a Guest House.  A place that is filled with creativity, beautifully made goods, and amazing people."

So here I am, in Charleston SC - the place I picked to start this adventure after uprooting my life in Annapolis.  The Guest House Studio is for now an Interior Architecture/design firm getting ready to launch our first online shop and retail store.  Our hope is that in the next several years we will find a building we can call home.  It will be a mix use space with rooms above for people to stay during their travels and a studio/shop below as great design is at the heart of our firm.  But, it will also be much more than that.  It will be a community where artists, travelers, and locals meet to tell their stories and make new ones.  So stop by sometime, we would very much like to hear your story!

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