It's that time of the year again!  Kids are taking all they can get in these last days of summer while their parents prep (and rejoice) for their return.  This weekend is tax free weekend in South Carolina, and I don't know about anybody else but I have quite the list going.  Among the many things you can fine on sale and tax free are clothes, bedding, computers, and some decor.  Recently my summer intern Katie told me that apparently in the south, girls go hard core on their dorm room decor!  When I went to college we brought the necessities but then took the bedding off our beds at home or whatever mom would buy us, to decorate our dorm rooms.  I was more worried about having enough money to buy beer (ahem* I mean, school supplies) than I was about my dorm room.  That being said, I think the idea is awesome!  What better way to show your independence and pretend you have life all figured out then to completely dress up your new room at school to reflect your style and personality.  So this week, we put together three "style boards" for the girls who are heading back to school.



For the free spirited, gypsy girl who loves romantic patterns, old world art, and mid-century modern decor. 

SOURCES: (1) Art (2) Decorative Pillow (3) Chair (4) Rug (5) Side Table (6) Lamp (7) Decorative Plant (8) Headboard (9) Decorative Pillow (10) Bedding 



A little posh, a little spice, the Glam Gal is all the spice girls in one.  Animal prints, gold finishes, bold art, and all the frills.

SOURCES: (1) Headboard (2) Decorative Pillow (3) Bedding (4) Side Table (5) Decorative Plant (6) Unicorn (7) Dresser (8) Stool (9) Art (10) Lamp (11) Chair (12) Rug 



This girl loves traditional patterns, melts over pink, soft textures, and pastel colors.  She is traditional but fun all wrapped up in one.  

SOURCES: (1) Headboard (2) Decorative Pillow (3) Bedding (4) Donut Bookends (5) Lamp (6) Side Table (7) Art (8) Rug (9) Chair (10) Decorative Pillow