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Seamless from start to finishes

The Guest House Studio brings exhaustive knowledge of architecture, construction, interior design to every project. Our process is simple, and our promise to you is clear, open communication and commitment to excellence every step of the way. 


This phase is all about getting to know you, understanding your lifestyle and learning the ins and outs of your project to include budget and desired timeline.


Hallmarked by abundant questions and patient listening, we hone in on what excites, inspires, and motivates you.


Armed with this important information, our team will begin extensive research and lay the groundwork for your distinguished design.



This is where the magic starts to happen. From design boards to Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) schedules, we work hand in hand with you to plot out the delivery on every detail of your project, large or small.


For new construction and renovation projects, we serve as your liaison guiding your selection of fixtures and finishes before collaborating with your contractors on execution.


Working from the walls in, next we follow with accessories, art, furniture, lighting, paint colors, rugs, wallpaper, and window treatments.


Whether we are building from the ground up or revamping what you currently have, our goal is to make it personal with a design that is perfectly and uniquely you.





Once you approve designs, it’s time to push dirt!


Proposals are reviewed and accepted, orders are placed, custom items are sourced, and everything we need to make your design a reality is carefully curated and inspected prior to installation.


Following on our promise of clear, open communication, you will be in-the-know on progress every step of the way.


Fear not, we will be your fiercest advocate and have no qualms about rolling up our sleeves to get the job done right - whatever it takes is what we do.



From drawings to drapes, now you will really experience your vision becoming a reality. Everything that we’ve worked so hard to plan, source, select and construct comes full circle right before your eyes.


Hallmarked by the “just right” final touches and careful attention to detail, this final phase is all about giving you feels as you see your house become a home.


Spoiler alert, this is what we live for and cannot wait to share this exciting, satisfying moment with you.  

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